We create exit strategies tailored to your unique situation and use "best of breed" business methods to eliminate capital gains tax, gift tax and income taxes.

Our transaction time frames are much shorter than conventional business brokers and we provide you with a variety of choices of how to transition your business which are far better for you and your people.

We can create acquisition deal structures that will provide between twenty percent (20%) and fifty-two percent (52%) lower acquisition after tax cash savings required to purchase the company while still providing the seller with five percent (5%) to twenty-six percent (26%) higher after tax proceeds from the sale.

We specialize in creating detailed financial models for transactions involving ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plans) and MSOP (Management Stock Ownership Plans).

Our thorough analysis will define your options and the:

  • Cash flow impact on the company
  • After tax proceeds for the selling parties
  • ESOP account projection
  • Stock repurchase liability analysis

We arrange, as your financial consultant, financing for a leveraged ESOP and/or other types of divestiture financing through several large financial institutions. The types of financing we arrange include:

  • Conventional debt financing
  • Private placement financing
  • Majority share interest sales to business and institutional buyers
  • Refinancing lowering your cost of capital

When you have reached that point in time to consider exit plans, you will undoubtedly have established business relationships with financial advisors and other business professionals. However, most trusted legal and accounting advisors do not specialize in exit plans. They may simply not be aware of some ideal solutions for your unique situation.

Furthermore they can not offer you the benefit of experience accumulated over more than twenty years of being executive management of large corporations combined with more than seven years of implementing large (sometimes highly complex) ESOPs which our staff can draw from.

We will work for you in concert with your long-time advisors, estate planner, money managers and bankers and endeavor to complete a transaction which will satisfy the combined requirements.

Most important, when all is done you will have the peace of mind in knowing that you received a fair price for you equity and that you provided your company with a future for your employees.

What we do

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