Financial Exit Planning, Inc. is comprised of a small group of highly skilled people focused exclusively on Financial Exit Strategies for small to medium sized companies.

Our management team has prior experience working together at a financial consulting company that created its first ESOP in 1974, over twenty-five (25) years ago. This is why our transactions will consider every detail in creating the proper solution that will result in the best long-term results for all parties.

Our members also have "real world" experience engineering mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and other forms of exit strategies for small companies as well as large corporations.


Financial Exit Planning, Inc. serves a very specific market segment. Our specialty, or niche, is helping business owners with $5M to $100M of equity in their company to "unlock" their equity by turning it into cash. Most often retirement is our client's ultimate goal.

Our business strategy contemplates that the number of American business owners approaching retirement age is increasing steadily while at this time the economic conditions, tax rules and world events make it more difficult for these people to retire.

  • In today's market, it may take years to sell a business
  • Most buyers are only interested in bargains or distressed sales.
  • If a fair price is offered by a qualified buyer, a large portion of your proceeds will go directly to taxes.
  • Selling to a 3rd party usually mean layoffs too. Many of your most valued people could loose their jobs through staff consolidations.

There is another group of owners we serve that want to take their business to the next level. We know from experience that the same techniques that we employ to turn owner equity into cash are equally effective for turning equity into cash to fuel a plan of action for expanding the business.

  • IPO's, which were common just a few years ago, are now difficult, expensive and rarely successful.
  • Venture Capital is not available or requires forfeiture of company control
  • Traditional mergers & acquisitions are extremely expensive:

Normal methods usually average over 8% to 15% of the total transaction gross proceeds. Our methods average less than 4% of total gross proceeds plus we provide you considerable tax savings.

Today's business owner must consider all viable exit methods, such as the leverage afforded by ESOP & MSOP financing, to ascertain the most attractive and cost-effective solution. We target this market because there is a limited number of professionals proficient with these powerful financing tools.


In summary, Financial Exit Planning, Inc. has significant expertise in arranging conventional or ESOP financing from institutional lenders for small and medium sized businesses. Our objective is to generate the maximum amount of after-tax cash for the owner(s) in the shortest amount of time possible, while ensuring the company remains viable for the benefit of your remaining employees and management team.


The Company is headquartered in Novato, California in Marin County which is located in the Northern San Francisco Bay Area. We work with US companies anywhere in the United States and non-US companies seeking a way to divest a US subsidiary, division or other operating group.


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