Your Goals and Objectives

We are here specifically to determine your best exit strategies and work through the transaction quickly, economically and with minimum risks to you and your people. We are motivated to do so because our fees are based on results.

Our first step is to determine what it is that you want to accomplish.
For the Retiring Owner

How would you like to sell your company in weeks?

Receive 74% to 100% of the sale proceeds after tax and you don't spend months or even years looking for that right buyer that will treat your people properly. Your management team and employees may be an ideal buyer and you may permanently defer capital gains taxes by selling to an ESOP.
Expanding the Business by Merger, Acquisition or Raising Capital

Can an acquisition designed for $100,000,000 cost you only $48,000,000 after tax?

If you finance a corporate merger or acquisition transaction with debt, an ESOP may substantially reduce the overall price of the transaction by as much as 52%

(This works just as well for smaller transactions of $10,000,000 or less).

An ESOP, used as a sophisticated tool of corporate finance, can generate capital for new plants and equipment. When properly structured an ESOP will be less expensive than conventional debt financing and taxes will be lower resulting in higher cash flows.

Would you like to raise capital by selling a product line, subsidiary or operation?

Your present management team and employees represents an ideal buyer. They already know the business. If the management buyout is accomplished through an ESOP taxes will be lower and cash flow will be much higher. (Takes far less of your time & results in more money for you!)
Privatize your Operation

Have things changed after the IPO? (Had enough of the public life?)

If the regulations, expense and ongoing complications of being a publicly held company are holding your company back, the management may be able to do an ESOP buyout and re-privatize the company. This would create the highest yield for the selling shareholders and cut cash costs for the company.
Defense against unwanted takeovers

Do you need to stop an unfriendly takeover, ASAP?

An ESOP can discourage a takeover attempt by placing a large block of shares with employees that would be inclined to favor the objectives of the current management rather than the hostile party. Takeover is more difficult once the management has leveraged the company assets in this way .

These are only a few basic examples of why we will develop a unique exit strategy for each of our clients. Transactions are usually more involved. Consider the dynamics at play when one major shareholder is ready for full retirement; While at the same time, the junior partner(s) wants to stay and grow a "pet" segment of the business and divest other product lines.

Have you built a successful business and feel like there is no way to get the value that you created out of the business?

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