Financial Exit Planning is Unique

So, what sets us apart from the crowd?

The things that separate Financial Exit Planning, Inc. from the rest of the pack are:

    We are in pursuit of the end result; not a long-term project
    We work with for you in concert with your current Financial Planners, Bankers, Investment Counselors & Legal Counsel
    We formulate ethical, workable & high-yield exit plans quickly
    You will have a cost estimate prior to each step
    You must "opt-in" before we will proceed to the next step

Most consulting firms make their income by charging for their services on a time-and-materials basis. This generates endless reports and creates one event after another to be resolved by investing their considerable human resources (teams of lawyers, CPA's etc.).

Why not use us instead? After all, it's your money!
We normally work on a simple fixed fee plus a success fee basis.

More uniques:

Simple Three (3) Step process. Our business methodology encourages us to get to the end of the process as quickly as possible, with precision and streamlined activity. While others endeavor to make money explaining how to turn your equity into cash - we actually do it!

We are NOT like venture capitalists and investment bankers in that we have no desire for membership on your board or control in your business.

Additionally, we do not expect to be a replacement for your current investment advisors so there is no long-term commitment for our services.


We hope you will agree that Financial Exit Planning represents your best ally when it's time to Unlock the Equity you have built-up in your business.

Have you built a successful business and still feel like there is no way to get the value that you created out of the business?

Call 415.717.2092 or email us today!

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